Velada freak

Velada Freak from the freak cabaret circus on Vimeo.

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Nuestros Trabajos

Un extravagante cabaret presentado por un divertido y explotador maestro de ceremonias.

Humor will be the thread of this singular and grotesque evening, nobody is as their seems to be, circus theatre and life music, acrobatic duet, hat manipulation juggling, aerial acrobats, suspense, risk and emotion.

You´ll be surprised with the amazing skills of our creatures: the aerialist marmite, dogboy, the three times nearly winner of poetry competition, Spinning Fine, for amateur poets, halfman - halfwomen, an identity problem freak, Madame Araigneé, Alcoholic fatal woman, turns around in contortion through the air and the floor, Bernadette the bearded lady, fly through the air, Cerillo a peculiar character, one-man band, A walking orchestra made with singular hand made instruments that do the sound track to the circus acts.

Everyday objects as a typewriter, a pan or a stove turns in to musical instruments.

The Lord and Master of all this is a petty exploitative person who pretend don´t be as bad as he seems, being endearing sometimes. He will be the presenter through this trip showing us the feelings of his freaks.

A circus, humor theater and variety cocktail mixed up with life music, a funny chaos suitable for any kind of audience.

Nuestros Trabajos
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  • Launch Date : noviembre 11, 2013
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