La leyenda

La Leyenda from the freak cabaret circus on Vimeo.

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Nuestros Trabajos

A Show inspired in freaks sideshows from middle XIX century.

Presented by a very special character that will be your guide through this different world. You can see the aerialist fidji marmite, the bearded lady tight wire walker, an acrobat dog boy, a woman half man or a man half woman contortionist, and an electric presenter. Weird beings with incredible circus skills that will surprise us.

The show is performed in a circus tent to taste the old freak shows and to put the audience in a very special situation out of the ordinary, that permit them get introduced in our magic tale. Walking through the museum, you´ll be impregnated with our essence and we´ll be remembered for ever.

Nuestros Trabajos
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  • Launch Date : noviembre 11, 2013
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